Hi, yes, I am still alive

I've been ill on and off for most of the past year (including a recent bout that had me mostly laid up for about a month), and as a result I have completely got out of the habit of posting, or even reading LJ.

I don't promise that will change. I am going to try to at least read LJ occasionally.

(If you're looking to talk to me, I do still read my yahoo mail, so I can be contacted there if you know the address - I should also get notifications of comments here at that same address).

Another update

I have pleurisy. Not only is more coughing really bad for me, it's also quite painful.

On the other hand, I did suggest whooping cough vaccination, and my GP thought it was a good idea, so I've just had the standard tetanus/diptheria/pertussis vaccination.

A quick but important update

[I haven't been on LJ for a few months; things got kind of busy and it was LJ that suffered.]

But it's definitely time for a quick update, since this is news some of my flist will want to know.

I have just been in a specialist stroke ward in hospital for several days. And I got there in the lamest way possible.

I had a Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA). That's not the lame part. Like a stroke but you get better right away.

I coughed my way into it. That's the lame part.

You see, I coughed so hard I tore my carotid artery.

That started to heal.

And then I coughed some more - a really big nasty one - and dislodged a clump of platelets which of course, being the carotid, went straight to my brain.

And here we are.

So no trip to the US! Damn, I really like Chicago. In fact I can't even drive for the moment.

Anyway, I'm fine, though I'm still coughing, in spite of scads of medications.

Getting your eye in

I managed to give my right eyeball a very solid hit with my thumb on Thursday night, lost a good bit of time on Friday (I couldn't really look through it for long without some pain, nausea and double vision - I covered it over, which helped some but that wasn't entirely a successful effort). The weekend was spent being quiet and it's still a bit tender.

Anything I had in mind for the last three days mostly went by the wayside.

I seem to be okay now at least.

Yes, still alive.

Bidding against crazy people

I have been trying to buy Pokemon Energy cards on ebay.

In a couple of weeks of looking, there's only been one large set of energy cards, for which the exhorbitant postage from the UK prevented me from bidding quite enough to get (I was second highest bidder; maybe I should have gone a bit higher, but I worry about bidding way more than -mostly- mere basic energy cards are worth).

I have bid in several auctions that included energy cards among larger lots. These auctions are normally for used rather than new, and without a specific list of included cards or number of repeats, so must be assumed to be mostly commons with duplicates of the most readily available cards. If they're offering say 60 cards, I don't see how thats worth more than about 5 AUD (and that's including a couple of dollars for postage).

However, the usual result is that the cards will go for around 80% of what a NEW theme deck (60 cards) would go for, sometimes more - where you know what you're getting, and of what rarities (this information is readily available online).

That is freaking crazy. Yet I have watched it happen over and over. I don't like having to bid against insane people.

I did manage to get a small set of energy cards fairly cheaply at least, but it was far too few for what the kids need.

Not sure what to do but keep trying.

Hi there

Well 2009 and all that.

Kind of hoping for some better outcomes than 2008 held for a lot of people.

I'd make a resolution to post here more often, but I think new years resolutions are largely pointless and I wouldn't listen to me anyway.

2009 = 41 × 49